Q: How long can i store my luggage?

A: As long as you need to. Discounts apply if you stay 7 days or longer. Please contact us to know more about it.

Q: Does the price vary depending on the size of the luggage?

A: No, the price is €5 per bag/day, without any distinction in measurements or weight.

Q: Do I need to book online? Or can I pay in-store on the day?

A: Both options are available, however for a speedier experience online bookings are recommended. Online booking is available for those customers who would like the peace of mind of booking in advance.

Q: is my LUGGAGE safe?

A: Each piece of luggage is sealed with a unique identification number for your complete reassurance. The staff will ask to see your identification ticket before returning any luggage to you. The luggage room is also equipped with video-surveillance.

Q: what happens if i don’t pick up my luggage?

A: We will hold your luggage for an extended period of time. Upon pick up additional storage fees will apply.


A: It’s not possible to edit a booking yourself, please contact us through phone or e-mail.

Q: CAN’t find what you’re looking for?

A: Please contact us, we are happy to assist you !